A Sneak Peek

This is Eliza Metcalfe. She was born a couple of weeks ago and I was able to photograph her before our trip and before my camera broke. Eliza's parents are some of our greatest friends. We love you Ben and Sar and hope everything is going well.


Tiffany said...

Care, those are the SWEETEST pictures! You are amazing.

Scott & McCall Randall said...

those pics are so adroable.

i love the OBX! that is so fun that you went out and had a nice vacation with family.

now that my little one is finally here, we need to get together. hopefully the weather will start to cool down - we could head out to a park - or if you are into walking, running, rollerblading - we could go out and and get some sweat on?

e-mail me your number and i will give you a call.

Natalie said...

Caroline... It's Natalie Park Benson! How are you? Congrats on your sweet little boy, even though it's a bit late! I saw Keri the other week and she got my blog address, then I found yours through hers! I see that you love being a mom, that's awesome! Isn't it the best! How old is your baby now? I had my second little girl 3 months ago! You are an amazing photographer! WOW, I am impressed! COngrats again and hope to keep in touch!

Tyler and Emily said...

These pictures are so cute, you are so talented! Eliza is the sweetest little baby!

Amanda said...

WOW, those pictures are lovely. Please tell Sarah Congratulations. Her baby is beautiful.