Baptism Pictures

This is Bailey and she is getting baptized next weekend. I was excited to take her pictures because I really wanted to take pictures in the poppies in Alpine before they all wilted. We made it just in time. One more day and I think they would have all been gone. You are beautiful Bay.


Jeffrey and Jack

These two were so great to take pictures of. Pictures with trucks...What more could boys ask for?


Happy Father's Day Dad

Thanks for being such a great dad.


Interesting Reviews

I got some interesting reviews on the first pictures of Elise because of the large flower so here are some more without the large flower. I guess you win some and you loose some.


Ellie Brubaker

Here are some pictures of the newest member of the Brubaker clan. What a doll!!


A New Driveway!!!

The other day we got a new sidewalk and driveway poured. It was like pulling teeth to get them to replace it all. They just wanted to replace random pieces. They were going to only replace 5 of 6 squares on our driveway so I begged them to take the remaining square. The sight super said he couldn't or he could loose his job. I didn't want him to loose his job so I gave up. I kept hoping that they would just be nice and take it out. After the sight super left I tried my luck begging the sub contractors. I won and it was so funny. The one square was left on the driveway and I just went out there and stood, hoping. The guy in the mini excavator pointed to the remaining piece and asked if I wanted it removed. I gave him a pleading gesture and continued hoping. He took the shovel and picked up the remaining piece and dropped it but nothing happened. He raised his shovel and pounded the remaining piece busting it into a bunch of pieces. He turned off his machine and called the site super to make sure it was "ok" to remove it. I laughed so hard but... I got my way. Wahoo!!!

Lunch with Miranda

Jake and I went to lunch with my cousin Miranda about a week ago. It was so fun to get together and catch up. Miranda and her husband Dave are taking off to start a new adventure on the East Coast. Good Luck you guys.