Lots of Love and a Picture

It is hard for me to put into words how I feel about this kid. He has got to be the best thing on earth. He is such a happy little guy and he brightens my everyday. This last year my heart has grown to max capacity. Capacities that I did not know possible.

This little man is one year old and I don't know where the time went. I have enjoyed the last year probably more than any other year in my life.

Right now my little guy is learning like crazy. He soaks up the world. He talks to everybody that looks his way. He just jabs on like he is making perfect sense. I know that he is telling the most amazing stories. Someday I will know all too well what he is saying. For now I enjoy his "Uh Ohs," "tickle, tickle (complete with him doing a monkey type tickle to himself)," mama and dada.

Jake gives the most adorable kisses. Is there anything better than baby slobber all over my face from full blown kisses? I really don't think so! At his one year birthday party, during a prayer on the food, he gave my mom kiss after kiss. The boy was relentless. I shouldn't have been peeking but I am so glad I was. I couldn't help but giggle out loud. Her face was drenched by the time he was finished kissing her. He is so full of love.

Jake and I went and met Ryan for lunch last week and he was gabbing with the people on one side of us and playing peek-a-boo with the ladies on the other. It was so cute.

Life is good. I am so grateful for this little man in my life.

{Jake lovin' his bathtime}