Sleep Training Update and the Snooze Button

Sleep training was a success!! The first night J cried for 1 hour, the second night 20 minutes, the third 3 minutes and the forth nothing. We still have nights where he reverts back to his old ways but not too many. An added bonus is the snooze button. He goes to bed at 630 or 7 wakes up for one feeding around 530 then the snooze button feature puts him back to sleep until 8 or 9.
My nephew L, Stephanie's son, had a snooze button and I remember loving it when we watched him and his sister. I am loving it even more with my own little guy.

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Katie and Jeff Wood said...

Hey! Oh I'm so glad that worked! I sure miss you! I am glad boating was fun with him. He is such a good boy =). Let's chat soon
lv ya