Christmas Cards

This year I was so happy with how my Christmas Card turned out!  I found a place that prints on high quality papers such as watercolor, linen or semi-gloss card stock.  Here are some of the designs that I created for people this year.  

There is a little time left if you have been procrastinating that Holiday Card and would like me to design one for you*.  

*custom design $20 


Going Private

The time has come. I am going private. If you are a friend, family member or even acquaintance please leave your email address in a comment so that I can send you an invite. This blog will remain open and I will continue to post pictures but my personal and family posts will now be found at carolineandryan.blogspot.com.


My adorable niece

I got to use my camera for the first time today. I am in love!! I have no clue how these will look because I am on my sister-in-laws computer and not mine which is calibrated. But look forward to lots of new pictures because I am stoaked.


This came in the mail today

I am finally the proud owner of a camera again. I am so so excited.


What a Great Birthday

Last Friday I turned 26. Yikes. It was a great day. I woke up to the little pitter patters of three extra little ones. I watched my sisters kids from Wednesday to Saturday with a break for a birthday date with Ry. Ryan went and got McDonald's for me for breakfast and then was off to work. I went to Sugar house park with Jessica, Halle and Chelsea and ate

Went home to Tiffany's house and took a little nap. Then Ryan came home and we went on our first date alone since Jake was born we had an hour and a half dinner atit was to die for yummy. Then we went and picked up Jake from Grandma and Grandpas, opened presents (Ryan got me this really cute coat he picked it out all by himself and I have to say I was impressed!)and watched a redbox. It was a very nice day. Thank you all for your phone calls, texts, cards and gifts.


Jake is growing up!!!

Jake is growing up so fast. He is sitting up on his own and scooting! He started eating solids a couple of weeks ago. I am absolutely loving this stage of his life. He is so much fun.


Sleep Training Update and the Snooze Button

Sleep training was a success!! The first night J cried for 1 hour, the second night 20 minutes, the third 3 minutes and the forth nothing. We still have nights where he reverts back to his old ways but not too many. An added bonus is the snooze button. He goes to bed at 630 or 7 wakes up for one feeding around 530 then the snooze button feature puts him back to sleep until 8 or 9.
My nephew L, Stephanie's son, had a snooze button and I remember loving it when we watched him and his sister. I am loving it even more with my own little guy.