Baptism Pictures

This is Bailey and she is getting baptized next weekend. I was excited to take her pictures because I really wanted to take pictures in the poppies in Alpine before they all wilted. We made it just in time. One more day and I think they would have all been gone. You are beautiful Bay.


Tyler and Emily said...

Hi Caroline, I love your blog! You are such an amazing photographer...maybe you can make a quick stop over to London in September to take some pics of our baby! Your little boy is darling.
p.s. this is Emily (Broadwater)- our blog is www.tyandemily.blogspot.com

stephmodo said...

Loving that last one...

tutorial puh-leeeze!!!


Amanda said...

Hey caroline, this is amanda (jager) flamm. I too LOVE your photography and every now and then I check up to see what you've been working on. If you came to England you'd have another client! We're in Oxford. Random but I noticed you have Indie Art on you blog list. Is that who you have been studying under? I was visiting Utah back in Febuary and was going to have her do Millie's pictures but we both got terribly sick and I had to cancel. Anyway, she is a friend of my cousin and I love her work as well. Sorry about the blabbering. If you ever want to see what I'm doing our blog is bradyandamanda.blogspot.com. If you don't mind I am going to add you to my friend list so I can keep up with you better. Your little boy is darling by the way.

Scott et Rebecca said...

Hi Caroline,

I love seeing what you are doing with your photography. I especially loved the last one! We have beautiful red poppies here in France too! Keep up the great work!

je t'aime beaucoup,