The Beach

It is a tradition in Ryan's family to go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina every other year for two weeks. I think this has to be my favorite family tradition.
We just got back a couple of days ago and I miss it so much. I love being with Ryan 24/7 and it was very nice to have 30+ pairs of hands to help with Jake.
Jake just looks at me everyday and I think he thinks "your it?" Where are my grandma's and aunts and cousins?
Thanks to all that made this trip possible and to everyone who helped with Jake.
As you will see in the pictures he did a ton of sleeping. We love our little guy. It is so fun to see him discover and experience new things for the first time.


Abby said...

We're so glad you guys got to go and spend time together...but we're so glad you are back. We missed you!

Amanda said...

That looks like to much fun. You little one is so cute.

Katie and Jeff Wood said...

so fun!! love the pics. It was so good to see you the other night- lets hang soon! love ya

Kari and Ryan said...

Yay!! I love the beach. Looks like you had a great time! I noticed you were reading New Moon...did you ever read Breaking Dawn?