Another Fun Photo Shoot

I went shooting with Angie from Simplicity Photography again. This time there were five subjects. A little overwhelming at first but it went well. A photographer couldn't ask for better children to photograph. These five girls are all sisters and are absolutely adorable!! I would take a few just like them. They have such cute names too... Morgan, Lauren, Halley and the twins Ellie and Avery.


Scott & McCall Randall said...

its been forever! i had no idea you did photography?!? you are really good. i loved the first ones you posted of rachel. what do you charge for family sitting?

Caroline said...

Hey McCall it has been forever! You look so great! Right now I am just trying to build my portfolio so a small family sitting is $50 and a large family is $100. Your little boy is so cute! Email me if you want some pictures. carolinesimmons@gmail.com

Natalie Todd said...

The pictures are so cute and I love the chair in the grass! You are so good... someday will you photograph our kids?! We miss you guys!