Happy Birthday Ryan

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you... It is Ryan's 25th birthday today!!! This morning I snuck out of bed and made him breakfast in bed. I live for fun traditions. Breakfast in bed has always been one of my fondest family memories. The only time of the year my mom would bring food to our room and tell us to eat it. Happy Birthday, Ry.
Picture from Martha


Maere and Eric said...

Caroline! It's Maere from Chi Omega! How are you?! Sarah Metcalfe told me about your cute blog so I had to check it out, you are such a talented photographer! Our blog is www.weedsandwildflowers.blogspot.com And tell your husband Happy Birthday!

Abby said...

Oh! I love that you have a blog too. Between you and Steph I may never clean my house again. I LOVE the pictures. You amaze me!